Pop Up Series

Pop Up Series

The wine business requires a tremendous amount of financial capital and time to establish a winery, and most importantly, the vineyards. I started with a most meager financial background comprised of my savings from being a sommelier for over 10 years. However careful and meticulous I was, I could not waste, if I were to achieve my dreams. Being honorable and committed, I continue to strive for long-term, wholesome relationships in both my life and in business. Ever so often, however, a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself: A viticultural one-night stand too good to pass up. In the restaurant business, the equivalent of such an endeavor of this nature is referred to as a “pop-up” because it is intended as a temporary establishment but always with the potential to become permanent. To experiment and to entertain you, I engage in such opportunities albeit without the promise of consistency. Some might fade away while others might blossom with the great possibility of producing unexpectedly fine results.


Located in the heart of the Sta. Rita Hills appellation between Seasmoke and Mount Carmel, this is a prime location. During the 2012 vintage, the grapes were grown bio dynamically. I was lucky to secure two tons of grapes for this very special project. The results exceeded my wildest expectations, and I am sure that many of you will enjoy it for its pure Burgundian flavors.

Derby/Big Sur

The unbelievable beauty of Big Sur has fascinated me since I was a young child growing up in Europe. When I first visited the area in 1996, I fell in love instantaneously and have visited it as often as possible. Its rugged yet sophisticated landscape never ceases to amaze me. I often posed the philosophical question to myself of whether it was possible to make wine as beautiful as the vistas of Big Sur. In 2012, on the steep hills just below Hearst Castle overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, I found the geography I sought for its proximity to Big Sur along with the highest quality viticulture. I am most excited about presenting the first results from this vineyard that are currently fermenting.